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Bright New Smile with dentures
Bright New Smile

No one will even notice that you have dentures


Overdenture will stay still, which will improve your confidence around people

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Patient Finance

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Overdenture | Snap-In Dentures | Dental Implant Dentures

The Overdenture or Snap-In Dentures, it is a good option to go when you can't necessarily afford the fixed denture called All-On-Four.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the Snap-In Dentures looks very pretty, very beautiful, it is definitely more cost-effective because there's not as much laboratory cost.

The Snap-In Denture is a good way to get good looking teeth in a very affordable way, it still function very well, you will be able to eat normally and chew and the denture is going to stay in because of the implants that will secure it.

When the treatment will be concluded, no one will even know that you have a denture. You're still going to be able to eat normally and without any fear that the denture will not hold in place, If we compare this one with a traditional denture, the traditional denture tends to collect food underneath it, it would come out when you talk, will move most of the time and this Snap-In-Denture will stay still, which will improve your self esteem and confidence around people.

How Much Does Overdentures Cost?

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If you decide to go ahead with the treatment proposed after your Dental Implant consultation, we will book you for the next appointment, where we will be taken a 3D x-ray scan (CBCT).

The cost of CBCT scans are:

  • One arch £128

  • Two arches £199

The surgical guide pricing, although every case can be different, 2 Implants Overdenture  £4980 and 4 Implants Overdenture £6980, this cost is per arch. This includes the overdenture with teeth and dental implants to secure the denture. 

Overdenture / Snap-In Dentures

Overdenture With Implants

Single Arch / Full Mouth

Prices From £4980 Per Arch

Overdenture | Snap-In Dentures | Dental Implant Dentures


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Overdenture | Snap-In Dentures | Dental Implant Dentures