Dental Implants How Long Should They Last?

One of our most common questions and perhaps one of the most difficult ones that patients ask us on a regular basis is, "How long will my Dental Implants last?".

Dental Implants

This is a difficult question because dental implants do not have an expiry date. What we know is, as long as the medical history of the patient is stable, the inside of the mouth has good bone, the gum is healthy around the implant and the other teeth are also healthy, there is no reason for the implant to fail.

We believe from a practical perspective the implant should last many decades. If we are a bit more scientific and if we look into the research and to the data that we have available, we have studies that show implants can last around thirty or more years. These are ongoing studies, which means that we cannot say that the implants will last thirty years, but we do believe that implants could last that long or even more, as long the patient will have all the right conditions to fit the implant and keeps having regular visits to the dentist, keeps a healthy life and have good oral hygiene. Every single patient situation is different, their food and drink habits are different, their oral care is different, there are many factors that can decrease the lifetime of your implants.

Implants are still evolving, the ones available have a lot more technology in it comparing to the ones used a couple of decades ago, we do believe the implant systems we use nowadays are so much better that will give us even better results.

Dental Implants

It is important after having the implants placed to keep coming to the dentist for annual reviews, this will help the patient to keep track of their horal health, the dentist will assess the gums and bone to see if they are healthy around the Dental Implants, if something it will not look right it will be detected in advance and we will address it before it becomes an issue. Always better for us to detect it before than later.

We do recommend patients to see the hygienist every 6 months for regular appointments if the patients will follow all the best practices it will reduce the risks of the implants to fail and therefore the patients will be able to enjoy their fixed teeth supported by dental implants.

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